Days out, discounts and dips

This summer, McDonald’s is set to delight its customers with a spectacular two-week extravaganza of giveaways. Days out, discounts, and dips take center stage in this exciting promotional event, designed to reward loyal patrons during the sun-soaked season.

Customers using our app will enjoy discounted dining experiences, customized audiobooks, and reduced prices for days out, all through a series of special offers designed to brighten this rather gloomy August.

Enjoy savings of up to 30% on zoo expeditions or take advantage of a hefty 60% discount on popular items such as the Big Mac, McChicken Sandwich®, and 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets®.

Starting from August 16th, we are offering our customers a unique opportunity to enjoy our limited edition LOKI Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce. This special product draws its inspiration from the upcoming season 2 of Marvel Studios’ Loki series, set to release later this year.

This summer, the joy is on McDonald’s as they introduce McDonald’s Days Out, a unique discount portal for families. This exclusive offer is available to those enrolled in the My McDonald’s Rewards program, promising a season filled with rewarding experiences.

Get ready to embark on a journey of incredible adventures with a diverse range of Kids Pass offers! From the thrill of theme parks to the fascination of zoos and the entertainment of cinemas – there’s something for everyone! And there’s more! Beginning on the 14th of August, we’re rolling out a fortnight of exclusive deals via the McDonald’s App.

Savor the flavors of our top menu picks at over 60% off, including the iconic Big Mac, McChicken Sandwich® and the 6-piece Chicken McNuggets®. Also, just in time for National Burger Day on the 24th of August, we’re cutting the price of the Triple Cheeseburger in half! For breakfast enthusiasts, the Single McMuffin® will be up for grabs at a stunning discount, reducing the price to £1.19 – saving you £1.80! Get set for some fantastic days out, discounts, and dips into deliciousness.

Discover the detailed schedule for each week right here:

Day 1 + 8 (Monday 14th & 21st August)​
£1.49 Big Mac®

Day 2 + 9 (Tuesday 15th & 22nd August)​
£1.49 McChicken Sandwich®

Day 3 + 10 (Wednesday 16th & 23rd August)​
£1.49 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

Day 4 + 11 (Thursday 17th & 24th August)​
£1.49 Triple Cheeseburger

Day 5 + 12 (Friday 18th & 25th August)​
£1.49 Filet-O-Fish®

Day 6 + 13 (Saturday 19th & 26th August)​
15% off with £8 Min Spend ​

Day 7 + 14 (Sunday 20th & 27th August)​
Spend £15, save 5

Weekdays between Monday 14th & Friday 25th August
£1.19 McMuffin PLUS £1.49 Veggie Dipper or £1.49 Veggie Deluxe

Customers can accumulate points with each purchase from these deals by participating in the My McDonald’s Rewards program. Each pound spent equates to one Reward point, which can be exchanged for complimentary food or charitable contributions throughout the year.

Moreover, families can now pioneer a unique, tailor-made escapade with McDonald’s Audio Journeys. Accessible NOW through the McDonald’s App, Audio Journeys introduces AI-enabled audiobooks to your vehicle, adding an extra layer of amusement to family road trips. You only need to input your starting point, destination, and the names of your family members, then let the AI handle everything else. Enjoy your auditory adventure!

The summer extends beyond mere days out and bargains involving McDonald’s. A fresh worldwide initiative that pays tribute to the iconic movies, addictive comedies, chart-topping music, and globally recognized anime series that McDonald’s has been known for over the years will be unveiled. The forthcoming campaign, hinted at on social media recently, is set to kick off fully on Monday (the 14th). It promises to provide a glimpse into two new partnerships soon to make their debut on the UK and Ireland’s coasts.

Starting from the 16th of August, aficionados from the UK and Ireland will have the chance to experience the enchantment of their preferred characters and artists anew, courtesy of Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce. This novel condiment draws its inspiration from Marvel Studios’ “Loki” Season 2, which will be available for streaming on Disney+ starting on the 6th of October.

In order to honor the significance of the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce, customers are being presented with the opportunity to get an early preview through a special AR event on Snapchat. By scanning the newly designed Sweet N’ Sour Sauce lid on Snapchat, patrons will gain access to unique content crafted exclusively for McDonald’s enthusiasts by Marvel Studios, with fresh content being introduced on a weekly basis throughout the promotion period.

About McDonald’s  

Since its establishment in the UK in 1974, McDonald’s has grown its operations to include over 1,300 restaurants across the UK and Ireland. Today, it stands as one of the largest private-sector employers in the UK, providing jobs for more than 130,000 individuals. Notably, McDonald’s is a leading employer for the youth, offering employment opportunities to over 85,000 young people aged between 16 and 25. This reinforces its position as a significant contributor to youth employment in the UK and Ireland.

Terms & Conditions       

*Daily app offer from 14-08-23 until 27-08-23. Each Offer is one time use. Delivery fees apply. 18+. Date and time restrictions apply. Participating restaurants only. Subject to availability and opening hours. See for full T&Cs. 

Days Out portal – further information

To take advantage of the McDonald’s Days Out discount gateway, customers are required to join My McDonald’s Rewards program before September 3, 2023. Upon joining, families can access a multitude of discounts and special offers from August 9 until October 18. This covers the full span of the summer vacation, ensuring countless opportunities for memorable and enjoyable days out as a family.

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