Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

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Name Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 1.3.5
Size 129.36 MB
Price Free
Requires 4.4


Do you have what it takes to build and manage a successful travel center? Travel Center Tycoon is a simulation game that lets players put their business skills to the test. In this game, players must build and operate their own travel center, ensuring that it runs smoothly and profitably.

What is Travel Center Tycoon?

Travel Center Tycoon is a business simulation game for PC and mobile devices. In the game, players take on the role of a travel center owner and manager. They must oversee all aspects of their business, from building and expanding their facility to hiring staff and managing finances. The ultimate goal is to make their travel center the most successful in the country.


Players begin the game by choosing their travel center’s location. They must then construct their facility, adding amenities and expanding as their business grows. Once their travel center is up and running, players must manage all aspects of its operation, from staffing and customer service to marketing and finances. Throughout the game, players will be challenged with various scenarios that test their business acumen.


Travel Center Tycoon features multiple gameplay modes, including a campaign mode and an endless mode. In campaign mode, players work their way through a set of increasingly difficult levels, each with different objectives. In endless mode, players strive to achieve the highest score possible. The game also features a detailed business simulation, allowing players to experience the challenges and rewards of running a travel center.


Travel Center Tycoon is a great game for players who enjoy simulation games and strategy games. The game offers a high degree of challenge and requires players to think critically in order to succeed. Additionally, the game is highly replayable, as there are multiple gameplay modes and endless possibilities for growth and expansion.

Tips for success in Travel Center Tycoon

Here are some tips to help you succeed in Travel Center Tycoon:

  1. Start by expanding your facility and adding amenities that will attract customers.
  2. Next, focus on hiring staff and training them to provide excellent customer service.
  3. Once your business is up and running smoothly, start thinking about marketing and promotions to attract even more customers.
  4. Finally, keep a close eye on your finances and make sure your travel center is profitable.


Travel Center Tycoon is a great business simulation game that offers players a high degree of challenge and replayability. If you’re looking for a game that will test your business skills, Travel Center Tycoon is the perfect choice.

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