Township MOD APK

Township MOD APK

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Name Township MOD APK
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version v9.5.0
Size 142M
Price free
Requires 5.1+


Township is a mobile game developed by Playrix that combines city-building, farming, and resource management into one exciting experience. The objective of the game is to build your own township, populated with factories, farms, residential areas, shops, parks and more in order to become a successful business tycoon. The game has seen tremendous success and popularity since its launch in 2012, having been downloaded hundreds of millions of times on both Apple and Android devices.

Gameplay Overview

To begin playing Township you simply select your character avatar and start building your dream town. You can construct residential buildings like houses and apartments for people to live in as well as businesses such as bakeries or furniture stores where they can shop at. You can also build farms, which allow you to grow crops and produce goods like milk, eggs, and more. Once goods have been produced they can be used for crafting higher quality items in factories or sold for coins.

Resources and Currency System in Township

In order to progress in the game, players must accumulate resources such as coins and building materials. Coins are earned through completing tasks or selling goods while building materials are collected from various sources around the town such as roads, parks, or rivers. These resources can then be used to upgrade buildings or purchase new constructions. As players move up levels they will need additional resources including decorations to make their towns look even better!

Social Interaction in Township

One of the unique features of Township is its social interaction. Players can link their game account to various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to challenge friends for high scores, send gifts to each other, or join a cooperative in order to work together towards common goals. Leaderboards are also available both locally and globally so players can compare their progress with others around the world.

Strategies for Successful Gaming

To succeed in Township it is important that you use the right strategies. It’s best to start out by completing simple tasks like planting crops or building houses which will give you XP points and coins quickly. You should also upgrade your buildings when possible as this will increase their efficiency and profitability. Boosters can be used throughout the game to speed up production or reduce waiting times. Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your resources and make sure you always have enough coins and materials for your next project.


Township is a thrilling game that combines city-building and resource management in one addictive experience. With its fun gameplay, engaging social features, and detailed graphics it has become a popular mobile game around the world. To succeed at Township players must understand how to use the right strategies such as maximizing their resources, completing tasks quickly and upgrading buildings when possible. By following these tips everyone can become a successful business tycoon!

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