Is it Safe to Use Grill in the Garage? Exploring the Answers

Is it Safe to Use Grill in the Garage? Exploring the Answers

Complimentary to the motto of House of Stark in Game of Thrones, i.e. “WINTER IS COMING”, people tend to think about using a grill in the garage to look after their meat cravings in harsh weather.

While doing so, they forget one of the most common questions: whether you can use a grill in the garage safely or not?

Let us warn you beforehand, “Keeping a grill in the garage is a BAD IDEA.” We are not excluding the grills that are meant for indoor use, but overall it’s simply not worth it.

Our main focus today will be on exploring what kind of grills you should never use in a garage even with all vents or doors open.

We will also discuss the possibilities of using certain types of grills indoors but with proper safety and protection.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details as follows:

Risks Involved With Grilling in Garage

Safety Measures for Grilling in Garage

When we say that grilling in a garage is a bad idea, we mean it.

No matter what happens, human life safety is above all and that’s the main reason we are going to discuss the risks of grilling in the garage first.

Have a look:

  1. Not Meant for Indoor Use

This point alone wraps up the discussion of whether you can grill in the garage with the door open or not.

Some common grill types, i.e. propane, charcoal, and pellet grills are meant for outdoor use only.

The brands clearly mention this point in the user manual of the grills that they should not be used indoors.

All in all, there is no point in using an outdoor grill indoors to jeopardize the lives of your loved ones.

  1. Production of Carbon Monoxide

Many propane and charcoal grills produce a gas called carbon monoxide (CO2) and the excess of this gas harms the health of people.

Carbon monoxide when produced in excess cannot only suffocate you, but it can also make you lose your breath thus leading to one eventual result, i.e. DEATH!

The worse thing about this gas is that it does not have any odor or color. So, even if you think that it’s okay to keep a propane grill in the garage, the excess CO2 will harm your well-being.

Another point to mention here about Carbon monoxide is that it can spread through vents and open doors to other parts of the house.

In such a scenario, people living in that specific house will suffer from suffocation or headaches while they inhale this harmful gas.

That’s yet another risk that should keep you away from using a propane or charcoal grill in a garage.

  1. Charcoal Grill and Its Risks

It’s not a hidden fact that every charcoal grill manufacturer clearly mentions a warning with each model, i.e., “Use Outdoors Only.”

That’s because a charcoal grill starts with the use of charcoal fluid. This fluid is highly flammable and when you keep it in a garage, there’s a chance that it could catch fire.

Always remember, “Even the slightest mistake while storing a charcoal grill in the garage can cost you your life.” So, would you be willing to take that risk just to enjoy the tender meat for a few hours? Absolutely Not!

  1. Risks with Propane Grills

Propane grills usually come with a propane tank and that’s the main reason you cannot use them in a garage no matter if you open all the vents or doors of the garage.

Propane tank is a living embodiment of a hand-grenade. Even with minor leaks, it could explode and cause a fire outbreak at the same time.

In short, you will be playing with your life if you still opt to grill in a garage with propane tanks or charcoal fuel stored in there.

  1. Possibility of Fire Outbreak

Everyone knows for a fact that we store unwanted things such as newspapers, tires, glue, or paints in the garage.

Such things can catch fire easily when things go south while you grill meat or other food items.

The possibility of a fire outbreak thus increases sufficiently when you try grilling inside the garage due to harsh weather conditions.

  1. Grease Coating on Garage Walls

Not exactly a major risk, but grilling frequently in a garage will make grease buildup on the surrounding walls making them look ugly.

Those were all the risks involved with the question of whether you can grill in a garage or not.

Now, you may wonder whether there is any solution to tackle these risks.

We suggest you take the following safety measures if you still want to proceed with grilling indoors:

Safety Measures for Grilling in Garage

Set Your Grill Far Away from Flammable Chemicals

Keep a good distance between your grill and flammable chemicals stored in your garage.

It will make a safe enough environment for you to keep grilling indoors without jeopardizing your life much.

Use Electrical Grills for Indoor Purpose

Do not opt for propane or charcoal grill types if you want to keep grilling in the garage.

Choose an electrical grill with all safety features intact and set it up in your garage according to the aforementioned safety measures.

It will reduce the chance of fire outbreaks as you will get rid of a propane tank or charcoal fuel this way.

Keep the Garage Door Fully Open

Always keep the garage door fully open.

Not only will it help keep the exchange of fresh air, but you will also have an emergency exit door in case if GOD FORBIDS, there is a fire outbreak in the garage due to uncanny circumstances.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

A fire extinguisher can help control the fuming flames to a certain extent.

Keeping it nearby will allow you to save your life in case things go south and you have no other way rather than to escape the scene.

While you keep a fire extinguisher, always remember this PASS acronym to handle the fire:

P – Pull the pin of the extinguisher

A – Aim for the firebase.

S – Squeeze the handle as much as you can.

S – Sweep the base of the fire with the extinguisher.

Use a Carbon Monoxide Sensor

You can always go one step ahead to make the environment secure enough with the installation of a carbon monoxide sensor.

It will alarm you whenever the gas surpasses a specific volume so that you can take effective measures to keep yourself safe from suffocation.

Even with all these measures, just be on the safe side and simply don’t GRILL IN THE GARAGE at all!

Can You Grill in the Rain?

Now that grilling in the garage is out of the picture, that does not mean you cannot grill while it’s raining.

There are multiple ways you can enjoy the rainy weather with grilled meat and vegetables outdoor.

For instance;

Use a Grill Canopy

A durable option to enjoy grilling outdoors! You can adjust a grill canopy in your garden or backyard to keep grilling your favorite food recipes even when it’s raining.

Patio Umbrella

One of the cheapest options out there! Patio umbrellas are portable and available on a reasonable budget.

Adjust them anywhere you want and continue cooking during the rain.

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

An expensive option but worth every penny. An outdoor kitchen comes with all features of an indoor kitchen but it’s made for outdoor purposes.

With the exchange of fresh air, vents, and a proper rooftop, you can easily cook your favorite recipes on gas or charcoal grills without any hassle.

Retractable Awn

Retractable awnings offer good shade and rarely cause any leakage issues. You can install one on the outside of your house and adjust your grill under it.

Can I grill inside my garage?

Grilling inside the garage has many consequences including the production of carbon monoxide, chances of fire outbreaks, and exploding of propane tanks. Hence, it’s not a good idea to grill inside a garage, especially with an outdoor grill product.

Can I use a propane grill in my garage?

Think of a propane tank as a large hand grenade and the chaos it can cause, especially if it gets leaked inside the garage. Would you be willing to take that risk? Absolutely not! Refrain from using a propane grill in the garage at any cost.

Is it possible to use a grill outdoors in extreme weather?

You can opt for a grill canopy, a retractable awn, or a patio umbrella to get away from snow, rain, or other uncanny weather situations.

Final Takeaways: Grill in Garage – The Dos and Don’ts

Always prioritize your health and well-being over entertainment and in that perspective, you should never keep a grill in the garage nor use it.

If you still want to proceed, ensure all precautionary measures and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case things get out of control.

Other than that, the safest option is to use an electric grill or you can do some outdoor adjustments to keep using your grill outdoors without facing any problems.

Happy Grilling!

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