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Rise of Cultures MOD APK

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Name Rise of Cultures MOD APK
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 1.25.6
Size 337M
Price Free
Requires 4.4 & up


Rise of cultures (game) is a strategy game that allows you to experience the rise and fall of various civilizations. You can choose from a variety of different cultures, each with their own unique abilities and units. The game is set in a randomly generated world and you must explore it, expand your empire, and ultimately try to achieve victory. There are four different ways to win the game, so you must decide on your strategy before you begin playing.


Rise of cultures (game) was created by Chieftain Mark in 2006. It was inspired by the popular Civilization series of games. The first version of the game was released for free online, and since then it has been downloaded millions of times. The game has undergone several updates and is now available for purchase on Steam.

How to play Rise of cultures

The objective of Rise of cultures (game) is to achieve one of four different victory conditions. These are:

-Conquest: You must conquer all other civilizations and become the dominant power in the world.

-Culture: You must generate more culture points than any other civilization.

-Technology: You must research and develop all technologies before any other civilization.

-Wonder: You must construct all of the wonders in the game.

There are three ways to generate culture points, which are used to buy upgrades for your civilization. These are through building temples, generating great works of art, and by holding festivals. Great works of art can be placed in museums, which generate even more culture points.

Technology is researched through a technology tree. There are three different types of technologies: military, economic, and social. Each type has its own tree with various technologies that can be researched. Military technologies allow you to train better units and upgrade your existing ones. Economic technologies grant bonuses to production and trade. Social technologies provide benefits such as increased happiness and improved relationships with other civilizations.

Construction of wonders is a key part of the game. Wonders are massive projects that can only be built once per game. They provide powerful benefits to the civilization that builds them and can be pivotal in achieving victory.

There are four different types of units in Rise of cultures (game): military, settlers, workers, and Great Persons. Military units are used to attack and defend your empire. Settlers are used to found new cities. Workers improve the land around your cities and construct buildings. Great Persons are rare and powerful units that provide significant bonuses to your civilization.

Each turn, you must decide what actions to take with your units. You can move them around the map, build structures, research technologies, or train new units. There are also a variety of other actions that you can take, such as declaring war on another civilization or establishing trade routes.

The game is won by either conquering all other civilizations, generating the most culture points, researching all technologies, or constructing all of the wonders. Whichever victory condition you choose, you must plan your strategy carefully and execute it flawlessly in order to achieve success.

Strategies for playing Rise of cultures

There are a variety of different strategies that you can use to win Rise of cultures (game). One common strategy is to focus on military technologies and training a large army. This will allow you to conquer other civilizations and expand your empire. Another popular strategy is to focus on economic technologies and building up a strong economy. This will give you the resources you need to construct all of the wonders and achieve a Wonder victory.

Another important aspect of the game is managing your cities. You must carefully decide where to build new cities and what buildings to construct in them. The choice of buildings is crucial as it will determine what bonuses your city receives. You must also manage the happiness of your citizens and keep them happy or they will rebel.

There is no one perfect strategy for winning Rise of cultures (game). It is important to experiment with different strategies and find the one that suits you best. The key to success is planning your strategy carefully and executing it flawlessly. With practice, you will be able to achieve victory in Rise of cultures (game).

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