Last Hope 3 Mod Apk

Last Hope 3 Mod Apk

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Name Last Hope 3 Mod Apk
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 1.21
Size 300M
Price free
Requires varies with device

About Last Hope 3

Last Hope 3 is a video game developed by Nippon Ichi Software. It was released in Japan on March 26, 2020, and is scheduled for release in North America and Europe in 2021.


Last Hope 3 is a turn-based strategy RPG game where players take control of a party of characters and battle through enemy forces. The game features both a story mode and an online multiplayer mode.


The story of Last Hope 3 revolves around a group of heroes who are fighting against the evil forces of the Netherworld. The heroes must find a way to stop the Netherworld from taking over their world.


The protagonists of Last Hope 3 are:

-Rufus: A young man who is the leader of the party. He is a skilled swordsman and has a strong sense of justice.

-Luna: A mysterious woman who joins the party later in the game. She has amnesia and does not remember her past.

-Aria: Rufus's childhood friend and a member of the resistance against the Netherworld. She is a skilled archer.

-Gildarts: A powerful wizard who joins the party to help them fight against the Netherworld.


Last Hope 3 received generally positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its gameplay, story, characters, and graphics. However, some reviewers felt that the game was too easy and lacked replay value.


Last Hope 3 was developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America. The game was first announced in February 2020. The game's development took two years.


Last Hope 3 is considered to be one of the best games developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The game has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and is one of the most successful games in the company's history. Last Hope 3 has been ranked among the top 100 RPGs of all time by several publications.

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