3 Green Mountain Grills Recipes (Pellet & Smoker) 2022

3 Green Mountain Grills Recipes (Pellet & Smoker) 2022

Cold weekend nights call for some grilled food enriched with smoked wood flavors. What else is better than having your favorite steak, or grilled fish, with some sautéed veggies or drool-worthy lamb racks. You can achieve all that perfectly grilled food using green mountain grills. Green mountain grills have made their mark in the industry with their tremendous performance.

The grills use top-quality material that ensures their durability and performance. Besides, it provides versatile usage as you can create any recipe with it. Moreover, these grills bring back traditional ways of cooking using wood pellets to infuse smoke wood flavors. Let us dig in some green mountain grills recipes that are easier to make and tastes heavenly. Also check out Green Mountains Grills in our list of best pellet grills.

1. Pellet Smoked Tri-Tip

If you haven’t tried this what are you even doing? Its heavenly taste with rich flavours of smoked pellets will take you to cloud nine with just one bite. Besides, it takes 2 ½ hours to cook with less prepping time which makes it an ideal recipe for dinner parties. Besides, it takes minimal ingredients to make this smoked tri tip so let’s get started with the recipe.

Pellet Smoked Tri-Tip

Ingredients and Apparatus

  • Tri-tip roast x 3 to 6 lbs
  • Beef rub for the tri tip by GMG
  • BBQ sauce of your choice by GMG
  • Pellets by GMG
  • Temperature probe
  • Green mountain grill


For a perfectly done tri tip you will need to grill it until the inside temperature of the tri tip reaches 55 degrees centigrade. Now that you have a fresh and cleaned tri-tip rub your favorite beef rub by GMG generously on the entire piece. After that, set it aside to let all the flavours of the beef rub soak deeply into it. Now, you will need to fire up your grill before putting the beef inside it.

Set the temperature at 225 degrees F and wait till the temperature spreads evenly across the cooking grate. Now that the beef rub is infused and the temperature has balanced, interject the meat probe into the tri-tip and place it onto the grilling surface. Cover the lid to let the smoke flavor infuse into the meat. Wait till the inner temperature of the meat reaches120 to 130 degrees F. Once it has reached that temperature takes the meat out and let it rest to let the juices settle. Cut it and garnish it with your favorite salad.

2. Pellet Grilled Catfish Fillets

For all the fish eaters, this recipe will blow your minds with its bursting flavor. It requires a few ingredients, some time, and a great deal of flavour. Not only does it taste good, but this recipe also is loaded with so many nutrients. When infused with smoked flavour, it offers a next-level taste that will satiate your cravings for smoked fish. Let’s get started with this easy yet amazing green mountain grill recipe.

Ingredients You Will Need

  • Catfish fillets
  • Fish rub by GMG
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Lemon juice


Mix water, milk, and lemon juice in a container to make a pickling solution to marinade the catfish fillets. Cover the container with a lid once you have put the fillets in it. Place it in a refrigerator to let all the flavor soak in. After that, preheat the grill and take the fillets out of the refrigerator. After that, pat dry the fish fillet and apply fish rub all over it. Now, put the fillet over aluminum foil and place it on the preheated grilling surface. Grill it up to 400 degrees F and up to 4 minutes on both sides and constantly check. It’s done when it flakes with a knife or fork. Serve it with your favorite sauce and drizzle some lemon juice.

Green Mountain Grills Recipes

3. Gourmet Rack of Lamb

A grilled lamb rack can lighten up dinner or party with its drool-worthy flavor. If it’s infused with some smoke, it gives hints of traditional smoked and roasted finger-licking flavours. This recipe will serve up to six people and takes less time to cook. Anytime you crave some lamb rack, get your hand on some from your nearby grocery and try this recipe; you would never regret it.

Ingredients You Will Need

  • Salt x 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper x ½ teaspoon
  • Garlic x 12 cloves
  • Olive oil x ⅓ cup
  • Racks of lamb x 3 racks
  • Fresh rosemary x 2 tbsp


Get lamb racks from your nearby grocer, clean them and remove membranes from it with a sharp knife. Keep them aside and start making the paste for marination. Crush the rosemary and mince the garlic as you like. You can use a food processor or a mortar. Take olive oil in a bowl, add garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper in it and mix it well.

Now, brush the mixture on the racks of lamb all over except the area which has fats. Now sprinkle some salt and pepper on the fatty area. After that, fire up the grill to 400 degrees F and place your lamb racks on the grilling surface. The lamb racks take approximately 12 to 15 minutes on each side to cook. Check for the desired doneness and take them out. Serve them with your favorite sauces.

Are green mountain grills any good?

Green mountain grills are great, they use advanced technologies and use traditional ways of grilling. Grill mountain grills use pellets that are there to infuse rich smoky flavor into the food you cook. Besides, green mountain grills are durable and long-lasting. They use high-quality cooking grates that deliver superbly and even cooking.

Can you grill a steak on a green mountain grill?

You can definitely grill a steak green mountain grill following a certain steak recipe. For that matter, you need to apply a steak rub on the meat and bring it to room temperature. Heat the grill and cook the steak on high heat reaching up to 500 degrees F. Moreover, you also need to keep a meat probe to check the inner temperature of the meat.

Is a green mountain grill worth it?

Yes, a green mountain grill is worth the money you spend on it. It is made with top-quality material and provides an amazing grilling experience. Besides, green mountain grills use wood pellets that infuse rich smoked wood flavor. Also, you can try a variety of recipes with your green mountain grill.

Final Thoughts

Green mountain grill can take your whole grilling experience to another level. It provides versatility as you can make a large variety of recipes using green mountain grills. The recipes mentioned above are not only easy to make but are rich in flavors. These recipes will brighten up your parties and will make your friends and family happier.

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