Fishing Season Mod Apk

Fishing Season mod Apk

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Name Fishing Season mod Apk
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 1.11.14
Size 91M
Price free
Requires varies with device

Introduction to Fishing Season

Fishing Season is an exciting fishing-based video game released in 2018. Developed by the renowned gaming studio, Big Fish Games, it has quickly become one of the most popular and well-known titles on the market. Featuring vibrant graphics and realistic gameplay mechanics, the game allows players to take on the role of a fisherman, as they travel around various locations across the world in search of the perfect catch. With a multitude of different power ups and bonuses to collect along their journey, Fishing Season is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Fishing Season is quite simple. Players use the arrow keys on their keyboard to control the direction of their boat, as well as various other buttons for different actions. Using simple fishing techniques such as casting, trolling and jigging, players must catch fish in order to progress through the game. Along their journey, players will come across a variety of power ups and bonuses that can help them become better anglers. For example, players can find a variety of fishing rods with different stats that can help them catch bigger and better fish. They will also come across various baits such as worms and minnows that can increase their chances of success when fishing.

Multiplayer Mode

Fishing Season is also equipped with an exciting multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to join together for some friendly competition. Players can simply join an existing game or create their own custom match with unique settings and objectives. In the multiplayer mode, each player will have access to a variety of different power ups that they can use against their opponents. The objective of the game is to be the first one to catch the most fish and be crowned champion.

Platforms Supported by Fishing Season

Fishing Season is currently available for both PC and mobile platforms, allowing players to experience the game on their device of choice. On the PC version, players can enjoy a variety of graphical enhancements such as improved lighting and textures, along with various controller options for a more comfortable gaming experience. On the mobile version, players can enjoy the same realistic gameplay mechanics, as well as access to leaderboards and achievements.


Fishing Season is an engaging and immersive fishing-based game that will keep players engaged for hours on end. With its realistic graphics and exciting multiplayer mode, Fishing Season is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fishing enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just a casual fan, Fishing Season has something for everyone!

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