Commando War Army Mod Apk

Commando War Army Mod Apk

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Name Commando War Army Mod Apk
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Game
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 1.84
Size 55.5 MB
Price Free
Requires 5.0 +

What is commando war army

Commando War Army is a mobile game developed and published by Fun Games For Free. The objective of the game is to lead an army of commandos through various missions in order to complete objectives, while also avoiding enemy fire.

What are the mechanics of the game?

The player controls a squad of up to four commandos, each with their own unique abilities. The player must use these abilities to complete objectives, such as destroying enemy targets or retrieving items. The player can also issue commands to their squadmates, such as telling them to move to a specific location or attacking a certain target.

How does one win the game?

The player wins the game by completing all of the objectives for a given mission. Some missions may have multiple objectives that must be completed in order, while others may allow the player to choose which objectives to complete.

What is the history of the game?

Commando War Army was released on December 14, 2016. It is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

Is there anything else the reader should know about this game?

No, there is not anything else the reader should know about this game. Thanks for playing!

Tips and tricks for Commando War Army

-One of the best ways to complete objectives is to use the abilities of your squadmates to your advantage. For example, if you need to destroy a target, you can use the explosives expert’s ability to destroy it quickly.

-If you find yourself under heavy enemy fire, try to find cover so that you can avoid taking damage.

-Pay attention to your surroundings and look for anything that might help you complete objectives, such as ladders that allow you to reach higher platforms.


Commando War Army is a mobile game that challenges you to lead a squad of commandos through various missions. Use the abilities of your squadmates to your advantage and pay attention to your surroundings to complete objectives. Thanks for playing!

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