CarX Highway Racing Mod APK

CarX Highway Racing Mod APK

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Name CarX Highway Racing Mod APK
Publisher horseradishgrill
Category Racing
MOD Features Unlimited Money or Gold/VIP Unlocked
Version 1.74.6
Size 572M
Requires 5.0 and up

About CarX Highway Racing

Welcome to the world of car racing, a genre included in the most loved games across the globe. But not every car racing game consists of a lot of details like the CarX Highway Racing game does. It is a sport consisting of multiple vehicles and racing tracks and a complete platform for the gamers worldwide to show off their skills. CarX Highway Racing is full of exciting features, each of which has been described here in detail. Moreover this article discusses the CarX Highway Racing Mod APK game, and the link to it along with the detailed instructions to download this file.

Game Mechanics

The game is based on car racing and involves different people competing with one another or playing along. However, the gameplay of CarX Highway Racing is much more than a simple road racing game, as it involves competitions taking place on highways, where driving is much more difficult and accidents are more likely to take place because of the high speed cars. This game, however, has provided the gamers with all the facilities which are required for a smooth gameplay. Different game modes are available and the players can play both offline and online. Moreover, you'll be mesmerized after seeing the number and designs of the cars present, along with different racing tracks built in distinct locations. Dodging cars, driving with more speed, and crossing dangerous paths earn you game points as well.

CarX Highway Racing features

Here are all the compelling features of the CarX Highway Racing game.

High-end Graphics

CarX Highway Racing has evidently put lots of effort in its graphics and other effects. The graphics show the real immersive effect, involving all the plates into the game. This is because of the realistic map and everything inside it. Moreover, the sound works the best when it comes to the voice of cars being driven, and also when they crash or bump into one another. Even explosions take place sometimes and the fire does not seem fictional at all. Enjoy the clear and bright map with different locations and feel like driving in the actual world with this game.

Number of Different Vehicles

There are a total of 40 sports cars waiting for you in the game. All of these cars, although, belong to the similar classes, their performances vary a lot. Each of them has different top speed, engine type, color and other qualities. You can drive all of them in the game, but the thing is, not all of them are unlocked from the beginning. You have to pass different stages and earn points in order to unlock specific vehicles. The vehicles you’ll be able to find in the game are:

  • sports classic
  • regular vehicles
  • muscle cars
  • powerful supercars

Vehicle Customization

There is no match of any other feature this game possesses when it comes to its customization facility in our opinion. This is because everyone wants to drive a car of his choice and wants to tune them for their personal use. This can be done by customizing the vehicles and it can be done through money in the game. However, if you have the modded file, you will get everything already unlocked. Customization options for vehicles include tuning brakes, changing wheels, altering livery, changing body color, headlights, bumpers and many more.

Various Game Modes

The game offers plenty of different game modes, and each of them shows different gameplay. The single player mode allows you to play offline with yourself, and the multiplayer is an online mode which lets you play the game with your friends, fellows, and other gamers from all parts of the world. One can play the Free Ride mode, where nobody stops you from wandering around the streets around the world and hence you can drive freely. Entering the Police Mode makes you get inside the police uniforms and you will get the right to enforce law in the country. Joining Campaign Mode lets you get immersed in the streets of Russia, France, and Australia and you will get the chance to destroy various criminal empires and bring truth to the world.

Better Controls

We all know that driving on a highway is not as easy and smooth as it seems. But don’t worry as CarX Highway Racing has introduced very comfortable controls which won’t let you fail on these roads. The controls in the game are customizable, meaning that one can choose the keys for different tasks which they like and find easy to use. Have a safe and smooth driving experience by choosing your own game controls by playing CarX Highway Racing.



CarX Highway Racing Mod APK

CarX Highway Racing Mod APK is the modified or enhanced form of the real game and the mod features it consists of are unlimited money and everything unlocked in the game. Money is what is needed the most in such games as it governs the fact whether someone can buy new and better vehicles or not, and helps in the customization of cars. The Mod APK file grants you an infinite amount of cash or gold which you can use to do anything anytime you want. Not only this, the things which get unlocked later in the game get unlocked from the very start and you get extra points without any effort too.


To summarize the above discussion and provide you a result, we would say that it is highly recommended to play this game, specially the CarX Highway Racing Mod APK version. This is because the game consists of very attractive features, like a number of game modes which help you play in different game styles, excellent graphics and audio effects, better customizable controls, large number of excellently-performing cars, and also the unlimited money and everything unlocked features in the CarX Highway Racing Mod APK game.

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