What Temp To Smoke Brisket: Few Interesting Tips

What Temp To Smoke Brisket: Few Interesting Tips

Brisket is a tremendously tricky piece of meat that many people challenge to master, especially when it comes to smoking it. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that if you have successfully cooked a juicy, tender, and flawlessly cooked slice of smoked brisket, you’ve achieved a great accomplishment.

Ultimately, smoked brisket does not end on a recipe only, but it’s an entire procedure that you should learn and practice to make finger-licking briskets every time. However, we have brought an extensive guide for you to master your smoked brisket skills. There are a few milestones that should be executed while smoking a brisket.

Before getting into its recipe, let’s discuss a bit about its cut. It is a boneless piece of meat that’s taken from the breast of a cow and is sold as it is in meat shops and grocery stores. This piece is considered one of the best cuts to make its barbeque. Yet, if you smoke this piece steadily, it ends up in super tender smoky meat.

How Long do you Smoke a Brisket at 225?

Although you know how to make smoked brisket, you are unable to make it as delicious as restaurants do. Maybe you do not provide an ideal temperature to smoke your brisket, and it may remain untendered or overcooked. It is one of the most common problems while smoking a brisket.

The only thing you should take care of is that the temperature should remain low. According to many experts, the ideal temperature to smoke a brisket is 225 degrees. Conversely, if you cook brisket at 225 degrees, you should cook it at the rate of 1 ½ to 2 hours per pound. But, it is not a universal time to follow; the time may vary as per the cut style, meet weight, or the reliability of the smokers you use.

Brisket is essentially a tough meat since it is taken from the lower chest of the cow. Such pieces of meat need to be cooked at a lower temperature and time to become tender. The slow cooking process provides its connective tissues a time to break down and absorb all its essences to give it a rich, juicy texture.

Other than this, it is vital to remain optimum with regard to the temperature while smoking a beef brisket. If you set the temperature too high, there is a risk of burning your meat outside, while it remains uncooked inside. On the other hand, if you keep the temperature too low, your brisket will take it too long to cook, and there would be a substantial chance to grow bacteria in it. Hence, keeping a seamless temperature is very important to cook a perfect brisket.

How long does it take to Smoke Brisket?

A general rule of thumb to burn a brisket is 30 to 60 minutes per pound if you are cooking it at a higher temperature such as 275 degrees Fahrenheit. But it absolutely depends on the weight of the meat. For instance, if you cook approximately 16-lbs brisket at the same temperature, it would require about 10-12 hours of smoking only. However, the entire process including trimming, injecting, seasoning, and smoking, may take about 18-20 hours.

Is it Better to Smoke Brisket at 225 or 250?

Typically, many people have questioned me about what if they cook brisket at 250 degrees or above. Well, you should consider several factors when you smoke brisket at a high temperature. Briskets usually weigh somewhere between 10-25 lbs. concisely, the more it weighs, the more it takes time to get ready. A convention time on 225 degrees is approximately 20 hours for an 18-20-pound brisket, but you need to spend 7-8 hours on 250°. This time can change as per the smoking temperature and type of meat.

The primary point here is that if you are an expert in handling the smoking temperature of brisket, you can cook it at 250 degrees. But 250° is considered as an ideal temperature that neither burns the meat nor keeps it undercooked. This temperature provides a perfect mouthwatering smoked brisket.

How do you Smoke a Brisket without Drying it Out?

The essential tip for smoking your brisket without drying out is to keep its temperature perfect. Other than temperature, there are a few tips and tricks that help you smoke the brisket tender and full of juices.

  • Cut thin slices and lessen the exposed edges on the brisket. If you cut the brisket with your right hand, it is suggested to place a high side of the brisket on your left.
  • Wrap your meat cut into foil and keep it on the smoker. It helps in keeping all its juices within, and you get a juicy, tender brisket.
  • Some people cook fatty brisket so that all fats melt while smoking and make the meat juicy.

Bottom Line

The brisket itself discharges adequate moisture to make it tender and juicy. However, if you want to smoke brisket on an electric smoker, the processing time may differ. Make sure to smoke your brisket at an ideal temperature. Otherwise, you may get it raw or burnt.

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