How To BBQ Right Pulled Pork

How to BBQ Right Pulled Pork

Are you a barbeque lover? Who isn’t, honestly? The smoky smell and the sizzling sound of the meat make our hearts melt right away. However, if you are a real meat fan, you would know that, of all the things, nothing beats the perfectly barbecued pulled pork!

This southern American dish is not only rich in protein. Its flavourful taste and tender texture make it the perfect mouth-watering dish. You can serve it at any event for your friends or family or even just to treat yourself!

To make pulled pork, most commonly, the shoulder cut of the pig is used, which is also known as the Boston cut. However, other mixed cuts of the hog are sometimes also used. Here, we have the perfect recipe for all the foodies out there, that will help Barbeque pulled pork just the right way. You can also check out Tilapia on the grill homemade recipes.

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