321 Ribs Method

321 Ribs method

Are you a fan of flawlessly savory 3 2 1 ribs? Who wouldn't be? It is one of the easiest methods to smoke ribs that are juicy, scrumptious, and oh so tender! What’s stopping you then? Do you think that your beginner level at BBQ is not enough to get the desired results of smoked ribs? Then let me tell you, my friend, you are wrong!

Below is the recipe of 3 2 1 ribs that will fetch you incredible results despite your level of expertise, coming from someone who himself has average BBQ skills. Whether it’s a BBQ night with your family, or you are hosting one for your friends and colleagues, this recipe of smoked ribs will have everyone suggesting you host such dinners often. So, go through the recipe and do try it out, following all the directions and tips.

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