6 Best Outdoor Grills to Buy in 2022 – Review & Guide

6 Best Outdoor Grills to Buy in 2022 – Review & Guide

Are you looking for outdoor grills that can cook the sizzling hot dogs, steaks, and grilled meals for you every time? Barbecue grills have the part of every American outdoor kitchen for decades. You can upgrade your outdoor kitchen with the best outdoor grill and enjoy various grilled foods without delay.

With advancements in technology, the grills have also got some fantastic features like temperature controls and quick ignition systems. Now you can cook multiple foods like burgers, hot dogs, grilled meat, popcorn, and many more on a single hot grill perfectly. Cooking on these grills doesn’t require any unique grilling and cooking skills.

It is not easy to figure out the best one for you from dozens of different grill models on the market. To make your barbecue parties rocking and tasty every time, you need to find your perfect match first.

We have reviewed the six best outdoor grills in 2022. Let’s dig deep into the review to find the best one for you

6 Best Outdoor Grills of 2022

  • Weber Spirit II E-210 – Best outdoor grill of 2022
  • Weber Summit S-470 – Best outdoor grill for Money in 2022
  • Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner – Best in 2022’s Market
  • Blackstone Propane Gas-Griddle 36″ – Best Propane Outdoor Gas Grill
  • Weber Original Kettle – 22-Inch Outdoor Charcoal Grill
  • Oklahoma Joe’s – Portable Charcoal Grill

1. Weber Spirit II E-210 – Best outdoor grill of 2022

Weber has earned a lot of reputation by always introducing the grills with exceptional performance and quality. Weber Spirit II E-210 belongs to the spirit series and is the upgraded version of Spirit E-210. The grills come with a ten-year warranty that applies to all of its parts, so there is no doubt about durability. We have also reviewed some of the best models of weber in our list of best grills to buy.

Weber Spirit II E-210

It uses propane gas as fuel. The capacity of the fuel tank is 20-lb. Keep in mind that the tank is sold separately. Moreover, there is a pressure gauge for your ease, which tells you how much fuel you are left with.

All the top-quality materials are used in the construction of this grill. The shroud and cook box and shrouds are made with cast-aluminum, while other parts like burners, cooking grates, lid, and legs are made with stainless steel. Moreover, the lid, cooking grates, and cook box are porcelain enameled. Porcelain-enameling prevents rusting, fading, and peeling, making your grills perfect for outdoors.

The design is compact-having the dimensions 44.5″H x 48″W x 27″ D. It has a smaller footprint than the previous model E-210. It comes in a catchy design that not only looks good but also adds to ease of usability.

It has two thick legs at the back that provide support on the uneven surface outdoors, and the two giant front wheels make the grill a maneuverable product. Moreover, it comes in an open cart design, which means that your propane tank and storage area will be on display.

For preparation work and placing other utensils, the side tables are present on both of its sides. Unlike the previous model, only the table on the left sides is foldable. The hooks are attached to the tables for hanging the cooking tools when not in use.

The cooking area of Weber Spirit II E-210 is 360 sq.inches while the grilling area is almost 450 sq.inches. These stats show that you can easily use the grill for cooking for four to five people. The warming surface measures 90 sq.meters.

The grills are pretty easy to use. You can control the temperature and burner’s levels by the knobs present on the grill’s front line. The ignition system is also very safe and smooth to use. It comes in pre-assembled packing, and the assemblage process doesn’t require any expert or specific toolset.

In terms of performance, it’s a real winner-Thanks to the GS4 grilling system. The GS4 grilling system comprises flavorizer bars, the evenly spaced burners for even heat provision, and the infinity ignition system.

All of the materials are porcelain-enameled, so the grill is pretty easy to clean. Also, the grill and grease management is perfect, and you won’t face any hurdles during the cleaning process.

  • Compact design
  • Reliable built quality with porcelain enameling
  • Easy to maneuver ad clean
  • Easy assembly
  • Infinity ignition
  • Both burners ignite simultaneously
  • Expensive compared to the cooking area

This propane-gas grill stands out to be the best outdoor grills because of the GS4 grill, ease of use, and outstanding performance. Well, if you want a durable product to make your outdoor barbecue super-tasty and full of fun, we recommend you Spirit II E-210.

2. Weber Summit S-470 – Best outdoor grill for Money in 2022

Weber Summit S-470

Summit 470-E is another superb propane grill model by Weber. It primarily uses liquid propane as fuel and also utilizes natural gas through a ten-foot natural gas installation hose. It has a large cooking area of 580 sq.inches, which is a real delight for families with more people.

It has four different burners that provide consistent heat throughout the cooking area to prevent uncooked and overcooked food. A smear station, side burner, smoke burner, and smear rotisserie with a collective output of 48000 BTU allow you to cook various foods with perfect taste and aroma on this grill.

As expected, Weber has used all quality materials this time too. All four burners are made with high-quality stainless steel. Grates are made with sturdy 9mm stainless steel. The flavorizer bars are there to make your food sizzling and smokey by trapping the dripping. Stainless steel and flavorizer bars have finely tuned surfaces to prevent sticking.

You can use the side burner for other purposes like melting cheese or preparing additionals in the saucepan. Moreover, it will keep your meal warm and sizzling for hours in the secondary cooking area.

The front-mounted control panel is fantastic. There are separate control knobs for each burner. Moreover, the LED pressure gauge tells you if you are running out of fuel. The ignition system is quick and smooth. The snap-jet ignition system individually ignited each burner without any delay.

There are unfoldable side shelves so that you can place your cooking accessories. The six hooks are fixed to these shelves where you can hang the things easily. It stands on four steel caster that makes it easy to move from place to place.

It’s a large grill with dimensions 50.5 H x 66 W x 26.5 D, weighing 239 lbs. Well, I’m sure no one would expect a smaller footprint from a grill with the capacity to cook for 10 to 12 people.

  • Large cooking surface
  • Four different burners
  • Quality construction
  • Powerful output
  • Not portable
  • Pricy
Weber Summit S-470

It’s a versatile grill that can cook a variety of food on a single stand. Its LED pressure gauge and red color control knobs give a clear picture of fuel scale and temperature levels in low light conditions.

3. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner – Best in 2022’s Market

Everyone wants to get the value for the money they are spending. It’s a real-budget option with a decent performance that serves a family of 4 to 5 people. With dimensions of 44 x 42.9 x 24.5 inches, it’s a portable grill. It sits in a small corner of your backyard with a small footprint, leaving behind a room to sit and play.

Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner

It is a two-burner grill with a total output of 24,00 BTU. The total cooking area is 300 sq.inches, which is pretty convincing for small families. Moreover, there is a swing-away rack of 100 sq.inches that acts as a warming area.

There is a top-mounted thermometer that helps you to maintain the temperature inside. You can also adjust the level of flame by control knobs at the front.

The top-quality stainless steel is used to make the fuel, tanks, body, and top cover. The gates in the primary and secondary cooking area are of cast-iron. All these parts are porcelain-enameled to prevent rust and to peel, and your grill looks new for years. Porcelain coating also prevents the sticking of grease to the grates making the cleaning process super easy.

There are two plastic shelves on which you can put a lot of stuff you’re working with. These shelves also fold down when not in use. Moreover, there are hooks fixed to these shelves for hanging purposes.

It comes in closed-cabinet grill design-means. You get an extra storage area at the bottom where you can place many items with propane tanks. There is an electronic ignition system. By a push of a button, you get the flame started without any delay.

The removable cooking grates are easy to wash and clean. Keep in mind that the grill’s inner area doesn’t contain any coating, so it’s necessary to use a recommended grill-washer instead of tap water. It’s better for extended life and optimum performance to clean the fuel tubes and interior parts frequently.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Porcelain coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable-light weight
  • Limited cooking capacity

With a CharBroil 300 burner, you can cook steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a lot more with alot of ease. If you are a happy owner of a small family and looking for a portable outdoor grill under $400, CharBroil 300 is a real win for you.

4. Blackstone Propane Gas-Griddle 36″ – Best Propane Outdoor Gas Grill

Is it possible to get a commercial-grade grill under $400? Yes, the Blackstone 36” gas griddle with four powerful burners and a large cooking area is a combination of versatility and performance.

Blackstone Propane Gas-Griddle 36

Four independently controlled burners give a power output of 60,000 BTU. The cooking area is as large as 756 sq.inches. From these figures, one can have an idea that the grill is capable of. The large cooking surface and independent burners allow you to cook multiple items simultaneously. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Although it comes at an affordable price, the manufacturers have made no compromise on the quality. The body and grill surfaces are made with rolled steel material. Unfortunately, the grades don’t contain any coating, so that it may lead to the formation of sticky and greasy layers on the grates.

There are two expandable trays on each side of the grills. They are spacious enough to accommodate a lot of stuff. The separate storage area at the bottom that keeps the articles organized and protected when not in use. The hanging hooks are also there to welcome your trash bags and extras.

Measuring 62.5 x 36 x 22 inches and weighing 120 lbs, it’s a massive machine with a large footprint. It offers a little maneuverability and requires a large space to get settled. Of course, no one would mind these figures while getting the extra-large cooking surface in return.

It stands on four casters to displace and move the grill with ease. The casters at the front are lockable to prevent free movement or sliding of the grill. One of its downsides is that the griddle doesn’t come with a top cover.

  • Extra-large cooking area
  • Extremely affordable
  • Four burners, each with different temperature
  • Not portable
  • No porcelain coating

If you are looking for a grill that serves a large crowd with a variety of tasty and sizzling meals at a time, Blackstone 36” Gas Griddle is highly recommended. With immense cooking capacity, four independent burners, and a large storage area, this is the best outdoor grill under $400.

5. Weber Original Kettle – 22-Inch Outdoor Charcoal Grill

This is a basic round-shaped outdoor grill by weber that utilizes charcoal as fuel. The round design is one of the most popular and favorite designs for decades. It’s a classic Barbecue design that has a simple mechanism of grilling and smearing the meat and veggies.

Weber Original Kettle

It offers the cooking area of 363 sq.inches which is pretty satisfying for a single-family. It comes in a tripod design with two casters and a sturdy leg. You can move the grill from place to place easily with the help of these casters.

As you won’t get any temperature and fame controls in these charcoal grills, the basic round design of the cooking bowl ensures the consistent and balanced heat transmission to avoid overcooked or uncooked steaks.

It’s a grill, that will last longer with you. stainless steel lid and grates are also coated with porcelain. Theis coatings prevent rusting and fading and also imparts a non-stick finish to the grates, making the cleaning process hassle-free.

The top cover is attached to the cooking bowl vai a hook. The lid traps the heat, smoke, and steam inside the bowl, maintains the temperature, and adds a real barbecue flavor to your meals.

Dampers are also present at the bottom that continuously suck the fresh air to maintain the temperature of the grill.

There is a removable aluminum tray to catch the extra ash produced by the grill. The cleaning process of this grill is simply amazing. With the help of a three-blade ash sweeper, you can clean up the grill without any problem.

  • Strong construction
  • Classic round design for equal heat distribution
  • Porcelain enameling
  • Easy To clean
  • Requires a lot of grilling expertise
  • Charcoal heats up slowly

There is a removable aluminum tray to catch the extra ash produced by the grill. The cleaning process of this grill is simply amazing. With the help of a three-blade ash sweeper, you can clean up the grill without any problem.

6. Oklahoma Joe’s – Portable Charcoal Grill

Oklahoma Portable charcoal grill is the best option for those who frequently pan barbecue nights away from home. The grill is a compact size, lightweight structure that will cook the perfectly smeared and delectable grilled meals anywhere and anytime.

Oklahoma Joe's

It comes in a table-top design, and you can easily carry around these grills. The thick cast iron crates impart the perfect smearing-spots to the meat, and the charcoal delivers the original smoky taste to the meals. The reliable stainless steel lid traps capture the heat and smoke for optimum level of taste and flavor.

The dampers at the bottom achieve the ideal temperature. They ensure the airflow to keep the charcoal burning. The charcoal bowl’s adjustable height allows you to adjust the temperature-high for direct cooking and low for slow, low-temperature cooking.

You can add more charcoal by lifting the grates with the strong tool’s help that comes with it. For quick and easy clean up the ash, there is a removable ashtray. The cooking area is 218 sq.inches, which is enough to serve three to four people.

  • Portable
  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable
  • Limited cooking capacity
  • No porcelain coating

The Oklahoma portable grill is a perfect charcoal grill for those with a limited budget. Like other charcoal grills, it also works on direct heat grilling mechanisms to deliver your meals’ original taste.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Grills?

Best Outdoor Grills

To figure out a best out grill for you has never been easy. You need to do plenty of research related to the features of this grill. You will see various grills with different power fuels, sizes, and capacities. Of course, every model is not for everyone. Each family has its own needs and requirements.

We have summed up the salient features one must keep in mind before choosing the outdoor grill.

Types Of Grills

At first, you will have to choose the grill from electric, gas, charcoal, and pellet grills. All of them come with their upsides and downsides. Electric grills mostly do not fall into the outdoor grills categories.

The gas grills are available in multiple sizes and designs to serve you outdoors. These grills are popular among the masses because they offer a lot of control over temperature and flame.

Multiple burners, each with an independent temperature setting, allow cooking various dishes in a single stage. You need to have a natural gas connection or filled liquid propane gas. In short, they offer ease of usability by control buttons and quick heating.

Charcoal grills are famous for delivering natural, rich, and classic taste and aroma to the meal. They take a bit more time to heat up and offer less control over the temperature than gas grills. They are also famous for away from home barbecue parties, where the gas fuel is not available.

Pellet grills use the wood pellets as a fuel. They are capable of transferring the real hardwood flavor to the meal. But they don’t offer the ease of usability like electric and gas grills.

Size Of The Grill

Before buying an outdoor grill, you will have to decide how much cooking capacity you expect from the grill. The grills offer as low as 250 sq. inches and as high as 1000 sq-inches cooking area. The primary surface area is the real cooking station or smear station, while the secondary space refers to a warming surface that may utilize a side burner’s heat.

The grill between 300-600 sq. Inches is enough to cook for a family of five to six people.

If you’re going to deal with a large crowd, like 10 to 20 people every time, you may go for the grills having the area 700 sq.inches and more. Keep in mind that a large cooking area means the overall increased footprint and decreased portability.

Build Quality

Build quality is a critical feature to consider before choosing the best outdoor grill for you.

Top-rated brands always use top-quality stainless steel materials for making the body, cooking area, and lids of the grills. The cast iron and stainless steel materials are used to make the Cook boxes and cooking grates.

All top-quality grills have porcelain coating or other paint coatings to prevent rusting, fading, and peeling. Moreover, these coatings form the non-stick surface, making the cleaning process simple and easy. We will not prefer any plastic parts in the outdoor grills.

Storage Area

The storage area is crucial for outdoor grills. The storage cabinets and side shelves help you keep the things organized while cooking. Many grills have fixed hooks with them to hang the utensils and trash bags etc.

You can also store the fuel tanks in the grill’s storage area.

Other Features

You may also look for the ignition process. Modern grills use electric ignition systems that are super-responsive and quick. The cleaning of the grills is necessary to extend the life span and get the best out of the grill.

Prefer the grills with non-stick surfaces and removable parts for easy maintenance and cleaning.


Outdoor grills offer ease of usability, variety of food, flavor, taste, and fun on a single station. Cooking delicious meat and veggies, burgers, and steaks on the best outdoor grill is real fun.

Modern grills with advanced features like electric ignition, multiple burners, and temperature controls allow you to cook various foods perfectly. They only require the right amount of ingredients and correct settings to cook meals in a way you want.

All the six products reviewed in this article come under the category of the best outdoor grills, here are of the top three favourites.

  • Blackstone Propane Gas-Griddle with extra-large cooking capacity, for burners with powerful output under $400
  • Weber Spirit II E-210, best propane gas outdoor grill with porcelain-coated cooking and flavorizer bars
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Portable Charcoal Grill, best potable grill, for original smoky taste under $200

We can safely conclude that outdoor grills are real friends to spend the warm-nights outdoor with them. Nothing would serve your friends and family gathering more than the best outdoor grill.

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