5 Best Gas Grills under $1500 2022

5 Best Gas Grills under $1500 2022

Hello Foodies! Make your grilling and cooking experience more fun-going, convenient, and versatile with the best gas grills mentioned in this article. We will be discussing the gas grills, which are easily available on Amazon under the price tag of $1500, which is not too low nor too expensive.

Top Rated Gas Grills Under $1500 for 2022

These best gas grills under $1500 are premium models which provide effortless cooking to every level user. So let’s start the discussion:

Premium Gas Grills under 1500

1. Weber Genesis II

Presenting you a roomy gas grill which is a convenient yet one of the best-performing gas grills in today’s market. We must say that it is a premium gas grill that offers a range of specifications, including the fancy features that will make grilling easier. The best thing about this gas grill is that it offers a compacted and foldable design which looks really aesthetic even if placed inside. The size of this grill is 59 x 29 x 47 inches (length x width x height).

Premium Gas Grills under 1500 - Weber Genesis II

The weber genesis II offers a cooking space of 335 square inches which is more than enough for serving up to medium-sized gatherings. There is also an additional cooking or warming space which is 178 square inches. There are a total of three burners located at the top of the gas grill, which produces 39,000 BTUs. The side burner produces 12000 BTUs, while the sear burner has a capacity of 9000 BTUs.

This fantastic grill is made of the best quality stainless steel material. The steel material is preferred over the plastic body because it provides greater sturdiness and durability. The grates are porcelain-coated and provide uniform amounts of heating which is great for even cooking and grilling.

  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Compacted
  • Easy to move
  • Convenient
  • The bottom could be enclosed

Overall, the Weber Genesis II is a trendy option in today’s market. It is quite a spacious model which is made up of durable materials. We prefer this top-notch gas grill because of its maneuverability and convenience.

Performing Grills under 1500

2. Broil King Baron S490

Here comes another steel-constructed best gas grill under $1500. The broil King is a popular name when it comes to grilling industries. The manufacturers are known for producing the best quality and reliable products. The Baron S 490 model is a mid-range gas grill available on Amazon at a reasonable price tag. We must say that it is the latest gas grill based on an advanced heating mechanism that supports perfect and convenient grilling.

Performing Grills under 1500 - Broil King Baron S490

This model is selected in this list because of its dual-tube design which means that this grill is sourced from natural gas and propane liquid. This layout is quite innovative and only found in the latest grills. The purpose of this setup is to provide uniform heat that helps the food to cook evenly. Secondly, it provides a good power source to the burners. In total, the power output is around 40,000 BTUs which is the maximum in this price range.

In the context of design, it is also a compacted option. The structure is foldable so that you can place it in a small space like in the kitchen. Once the gas grill is ready for grilling, it provides a good cooking area where you can grill steaks, barbecue, and more. The folding shelves give you an additional region to place your essentials like spatulas, plates, forks, etc. This gas grill is a complete package with four burners that give flavourful, fresh, and convenient meals. If you need anything else then check out some of the top-notch gas grills under $2000

  • Innovative design
  • Even cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Movable
  • Temperature control mechanism
  • Assemblage could be simplified
Broil King Baron S490

In a nutshell, Broil King is a famous grill-producing company. This model scores good ratings because of its innovative design. It is easy to clean, use and move. Moreover, it also offers temperature regulation which enables you to cook effortlessly. If you’re considering something affordable have a look at the top-rated gas grills that are under 1000

Natural Gas Grill Under $1500

3. Bull Outdoor Products 26039

People who crave steaks, chicken, veggies, fish, and other items would love this best gas grill for under $1500. It is a perfect product for restaurant-like taste at home. The Bull gas grill is a vast grill that offers a cooking area and side racks for warming. You can get a total surface of 810 square inches in this gas grill which is huge for serving large families.

Natural Gas Grill Under $1500 - Bull Outdoor Products 26039

We really like to appreciate the power output of this best gas grill under $1500. It offers a power output of around 60000 BTUs which is extraordinary in this price range. The total set up for consuming this power is four burners which support a uniform heating mechanism. This gas grill is a versatile product and best suited for every level griller because of its convenience.

Furthermore, you get durable construction. If you’re searching for a long-lasting and superlative product, then you should consider Bull Outdoor Product. It is made up of heavy-duty steel material. The grates are porcelain-coated, which resists any type of trouble during cooking.

  • Premium quality building
  • High power output
  • Builtin thermometer
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Average quality Ignition lighters

The Bull Outdoor product is not as famous as the Broil King gas grill, but it offers the best performance. It is made of luxury materials that provide resistance and durability to the body. You can also get fancy features like a built-in thermometer, which will make your grilling session more convenient.

6-burner Gas Grill Under $1500

4. Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB

Here comes a top-notch product which is quite popular in today’s market. It is an expensive product which was not purchasable under the category of $1500. Fortunately, Amazon is providing a discount of 18% flat on this exceptional gas grill. It is a versatile and huge gas grill. It doesn’t mean that it is big in size, but it offers a large cooking space of 900 square inches.

6-burner Gas Grill Under $1500 - Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB

There is an arrangement of six burners in this gas grill which supports infrared heating. Infrared heating is the latest in gas grill models and responsible for providing uniform and good heat. The burners are capable of reaching 1800 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in no more than 30 seconds. If you are looking for a fast gas grill equipped with a quick heating system, you should consider this item.

Furthermore, it is a dual-source grill, so you don’t have to worry about the fuel. You can run this grill on liquid propane or natural gas, both. The grill has movable wheels, so you can move it near the gas connection and attach a pipe without any effort.

  • Effortless grill
  • Perfect for barbecue
  • Discounted price of Amazon
  • Vast cooking space
  • Exceptional heating system
  • Average quality drip pans
Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB

Napoleon is another known name in the grilling industry. This best performing and efficient product is perfect for barbecue, steaks, and more food items. In a nutshell, it is a luxury product which you get at a discounted price on Amazon. If you’re interested in buying a convenient, premium quality, and best gas grill under $1500, then you should choose this option.

Durable Gas Grill in 1500$

5. Lion Premium Grills

As the name indicates, this is a premium quality grills under the price range of $1500. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel material that provides durability and gives a nice-looking finish to this gas grill. It is available in white color which looks very decent. You can place this grill in your kitchen or backyard because of its aesthetics. We really like to appreciate the durability and strong body of this best gas grill.

Durable Gas Grill in 1500$ - Lion Premium Grills

Moreover, it is equipped with infrared burners, which are best in today’s market. These burners provide uniform heat and cook the food evenly. There is a four-burner setup in this grill which offers up to 75000 BTUs output which is more than enough. It is a powerful gas grill that is best suited for those who want their meals in the least possible time.

You can also get additional fancy features like control options. You can easily regulate the heating system with five pushbuttons. Also, there is a combined cooking and grilling space in this gas grill. As a whole, we must say that it is an easy to operate, convenient and elegant gas grill which is best suited for any level expert.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Pushing buttons
  • Powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Lacks side burners

Overall, the Lion Premium grill is a luxury product in today’s market. The best thing about this gas grill is the build quality. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel material, which provides a complete sturdiness and durability to this grill’s body. It is highly resistant to external pressures. Moreover, it is also a compelling and best-performing product.

Buying Guide for Gas Grills Under $1500

Buying Guide for Best Gas Grills Under 1500
Infographic: Buying Guide for Best Gas Grills Under 1500

Build Quality

According to our review, the build quality accounts for the maximum attention before buying any product. The reason behind this statement is that the construction materials and structuring are directly related to the sturdiness, rigidity, and durability of the best gas grill. In the range of $1500, you can easily have premium quality products like the ones we have reviewed about.

Over and above that, heavy-duty steel construction is our best pick-up when it comes to construction materials. The metal building is always better than the plastic body in terms of strength and resistance. The steel material used in the best gas grills provides resistance against rust, high temperature, moisture, and other external factors. If the product’s life is your serious concern, you should buy a product with the luxury build quality.

Number of Burners and Power Unit

The burners are basically the fundamental unit of any grill or stove because it is responsible for providing heat. Thus, it is necessary to consider the number of burners and bringing heat capacity of burners installed in the gas grills. The power is typically measured in standard British Thermal Unit, shortly as BTUs. The BTUs measurement is calculated as per 60 minutes.

The BTUs of power are directly related to fast heating or quick grilling of a certain appliance. But, also, it depends on the number of burners mounted in the grill. For example, a gas grill with up to eight burners has 40,000 BTUs capacity, which is good enough. On the other hand, a gas grill with 15000 BTUs and three burners is also a great combination.

In other words, it is defined as how much power or heat brings capacity in one hour. The side racks, like warming racks, also consume the power input. So it is always a great idea to check and balance the ratio of the number of burners in a grill concerning that grill’s power capacity.

The Versatility of Gas Grill

Grilling appliances is all about cooking and enjoying different meals like steaks, hamburgers, grilled fish, and more. If you have your hands on a gas grill that is not versatile enough to support such cooking, then it is of no use. That’s why, in our opinion, the versatility and range of a gas grill are imperative to consider.

The advanced gas grills are excellent in this way because it enables you to try different dishes. Moreover, the newest gas grills offer an option of indirect cooking, which allows you to slow the cooking process. In this way, you will be able to smear meat, mutton, toppings, sizzling steaks, etc. It basically adds more flavor to your food item.

Size of a Gas Grill

The size of a gas grill mainly depends upon the number of burners equipped in it. For example, the best gas grill with more than five burners will be larger in size than the one with two or three burners. Selecting the option with a greater number of burners is not a good idea. You have to consider your use and serving first. If you have a large family, you should go for a large gas grill; otherwise, a three-burner grill is enough.

There are multiple benefits of both sizes. Likewise, the two to three-burner gas grills are compact in structure. You can easily store it inside the kitchen or room. At the same time, the large size grills look decent in backyards only. However, you get a vast cooking area and more fancy options in the big gas grills.

Fancy Features

In the advanced grills, you can also get fancy or additional features. These options are not found in the old-fashioned grills. The features include temperature gauges, storage options, regulatory functions, detachable folding, warming racks, tires, and more. The purpose of installing these features in the best gas grills is to make the product more handy and convenient. It is not a big deal to get these amazing features for $1500.


How long do gas grills last?

As we discussed in the buying guide, the lifespan of a gas grill depends on the materials used in its construction. Heavy-duty metal construction is preferred as compared to plastic material in terms of strength and durability. Besides, it also depends upon care and maintenance. If you want to use the same grill for years, then you should keep it clean and maintained.

How do we light a gas grill?

There are different methods to light a gas grill. It is always suggested to consult the manual given by manufacturers of a gas grill to check out the right lighting type. There are some secondary ignition types like a flash tube, match stick, etc.

Are gas grills better than charcoal grills?

It totally depends on personal preference. Both types come with their own benefits. In our opinion, the charcoal or traditional style grills add a smoke flavor to the food items. In contrast, the gas grills or advanced options are convenient and provide effortless grilling sessions.


Cooking or Grilling would be more convenient and effortless with the five top-notch products discussed in this article. These products are available on Amazon under the price tag of $1500. This price range is good enough to purchase premium quality convenient gas grills, so let’s have a look at our top three picks:

  • Weber Genesis II because of its popularity and high-end performance. It is a compact design and handy model to purchase in 2022.
  • Broil King Baron S490 because of its innovative structure. It is a trendy dual power model which is very convenient and advanced.
  • Lion Premium Grills because of its high power and easy operation. It is an ideal product for any level user.

In a nutshell, all the aforementioned products are quite convenient, luxurious, and best performed in their own ways. You can get your best by identifying the personal preference and serving size. We hope that the provided information would be enough for you to have your hands on a perfect gas grill for under $1500.

Happy Grilling!

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