Are Electric Smokers Healthy? Let’s Have a Look

Are Electric Smokers Healthy? Let’s Have a Look

Electric smokers though new on the market, but competing for the grills and traditional smokers. They are quite different from other smokers as they smoke food between 100-280°F. Not creating any flames, electric smokers are being operated on the principle of heat convection using electricity.

But the question arises is that are electric smokers healthy? Do electric smokers cause any damage to health? This guide is created to address all these concerns.

The debate is going on and the appliance has both upsides and downsides. Of course, perfection is a myth. However, at the end of this guide, you will be able to pick a side without getting worried.

Are Electric Smokers Healthy?

The method of cooking plays a great role in your health. As they say, “Cooking healthy is as important as eating healthy.”

It is true that smoking meat is not the best option. But when it comes to frying and grilling the meat, it is a healthier and better option.

The electric smokers allow you to cook a variety of meat through them while maintaining the protein and nutritional content of the food. Thanks to its regulated and controlled system that allows cooking at the desired temperature. However, wood chips in the electric smokers add a unique flavor to the meat.

On the contrary, the traditional process of grilling and smoking includes the use of charcoal and propane as fuel. This traditional method can cause the build-up of carcinogenic particles.

However, using the electric smoker lowers the chances of being exposed to such carcinogenic elements.

Help You to Maintain the Balance

There are several kinds of meat that you can cook in the electric smoker such as fish, beef, lamb, chicken, burgers, turkey and sausages, etc. The electric smokers thus allow you to add healthy food to your eating habits without any risk of having food with a bulk of fats.

Not only this, but you can also add some vegetables to the smoker to make your diet more healthy and balanced.

There is a water drip pan at the bottom of an electric smoker. There, you can add vegetables, herbs, and spices to create a delicious gravy.

People who need to have a higher intake of protein should readily go for smoked food as it is the best alternative to unhealthy fried food that takes a lot of oil in the process of cooking. That oil increases the fat and calories content, which is not healthy for anyone who is health-conscious.

What Are The Risks Of Using An Electric Smoker?

Everything comes with some drawbacks, so does an electric smoker. Despite being a better option than most traditional methods, it still has some side effects. Therefore, excessive use of an electric smoker can be damaging to your health too.

Here are some risks that are associated with the overuse of an electric smoker:

Higher Content of Sodium

Before smoking the food, we may prepare it by adding salts. Higher intake of sodium can lead to various health problems such as high blood pressure and heart attack etc.

But the point is, how can we avoid it? Lower the salt content in your food by using other alternatives to salt. You can go for seasonings that have less sodium content, unlike salts.

Carcinogenic Elements

Though lower as compared to traditional methods, an electric smoker also carries the risk of carcinogenic elements. That risk actually comes from the wood chip in an electric smoker.

But there is a way to minimize the risk of being exposed to carcinogens. Let’s have a look…

If you marinate the food with alcohol or some acid before smoking, it neutralizes the effect of carcinogenic elements.

HCA and PAH are carcinogenic elements. They are released from proteins when we cook food at higher temperatures. However, the use of marinades neutralizes the effect and prevents exposure to these chemicals.

Keep the Smoker Clean

These electric smokers are not only easy to operate but also easy to clean. An unclean electric smoker, however, can spoil your food that can be damaging to your health. However, if you are concerned about the health of you and your loved ones, try to clean it after every while as it doesn’t take much effort and time in cleaning.


Still, have questions in your mind? Read this section to get your unsaid queries answered.

What is the healthiest way to smoke meat?

Electric smokers are the healthiest way to smoke meat. They produce fewer carcinogens, maintain a healthy diet balance, and are environmentally friendly as well.

Is an electric smoker better than charcoal?

Charcoal smokers are traditional smokers to cook food. Despite being traditional, it comes with a lot of disadvantages. High fuel and charcoal consumption, production of harmful gases to the environment, and the addition of toxic and carcinogenic elements to the food are some of them. Whereas, electric smokers reduce all these risks and are proven to be way healthier than charcoal smokers.

Are electric smokers carcinogenic?

Yes, they are carcinogenic but less than charcoal smokers. However, the risk of them being carcinogenic is also reduced by adding some acid or alcohol to the food. As acids can neutralize the effect of carcinogenic and toxic elements released by wood chips.

Is cooked food in a smoker healthy?

When we compare it with the fried and grilled food, yes food cooked in a smoker is healthier and better than that. It contains less fat and oil that damages human health.


There is nothing that comes with perfection and zero downsides. So do these electric smokers. However, in this article, you can clearly see that the disadvantages can be dealt with smartness. Overuse of everything is harmful, therefore, by keeping the wise usage of these electric smokers you can avoid all the risks.

As, it is quite clear that an electric smoker is quite a healthier and better option than the traditional grilling and frying methods that consume a lot of oil, fuel, time, and energy.

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