About Us

Kirsten Popescu is the queen of grilling. She has a blog where she not only shares recipes from around the world but also reviews different kitchen tools and gadgets, including pellet grills, gas grills, charcoal grillers and drum smokers.

One day while reviewing various pellet grinds for people looking to buy one themselves Kirstin realized that they were all so expensive! There was no way she could afford two or three in order to try them out herself without spending her whole paycheck on it – what if none of them worked? So instead Kirstin did some research into how much money would be needed up front before committing to buying any kind of professional caliber equipment such as these pellets verses investing more time into learning about which ones Best Gas Grills.

This woman is completely devoted to helping her readers find the best products for their needs. She reviews various brands and offers advice on how to choose wisely based on your own preferences, budget range, etc.